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Gifted and Talented 4, 5, & 6

LiMPETS Sandy Beach Monitoring

Once a week, on Friday mornings, the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade G.A.T.E. classrooms get together to work in small “collaboration” groups. The purpose of these activities, aside from having fun at school, is to learn to work together, solve challenging puzzles, investigate a scientific principle, develop creative thinking skills, and design new and clever ways to understand. Over the years our Collaboration activities have spanned a wide range of themes. Our first ever project was for students to design and star in Poetic Tableaus, an activity devised to build public speaking skills, research a historic event or historic figure, portray the event or historic figure, and also give students an opportunity to create and wear costumes. This activity took weeks to bring to closure. 

At left is a slide show of a recent Collaboration activity, Save Freddie the Worm. Students were instructed to “save” Freddie from “drowning” by helping the “worm” put on his “life preserver” and get on top of his capsized “boat”… all without touching Freddie, the life preserver, or the boat with their fingers. They were given “sky hooks” or paper clips to modify and use as necessary.

At he beginning of this activity we observed students reluctantly sitting in groups of four. The 4th grade students are often hesitant to participate with their 5th and 6th grade group mates. Within a few minutes, however, everyone is up off their seats with their heads together making suggestions and attempting to solve the problem.

Above this text is the movie created to start our recent G.A.T.E. night, Angry Birds. The movie shows the steps leading up to the main event. The slide show of the same name shows snapshots of the action at the Fall G.A.T.E. Family night.